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Elna 8300

Elna 8300

Embroidery only, fully serviced, comes with 3 hoops.

Life is so rewarding when you are full of ideas and have urge to create. You’ll find the eXpressive 820 brings you whole new inspiration and seems to make just about everything possible. You’ll be at the top of your creativity, embroidering poems, creating waves, sowing flowers… and then harvesting lots of compliments.  Just like fashion designers and decorators, you’ll invent, personalize and customize everything you wish, either through small touches or major transformations. Even for the most refined creations, the eXpressive 820 has the gift to make embroidering so simple you will go from one project to another with the joy and lightness of a butterfly.

*Please call us at (905)358-5710 for more information.

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